picture taken 11/27/13


DNA Gentle Deer 09-25-10 (Hubbell's Easy Rider x DH Oh Deer) 61 1/8" TTT February 2014 NFS 

On 11-27-13 birthed a JH Jet Eye Knight Heifer calf. 


Deer is an amazing 'DNA' packed heifer. Combining the known horn production of an JP Rio Grande son (mother is Gunman's Lil Sis... full sister to Gunman) and the twist genetics of Dale Hunts DH Oh Deer. I look forward to watching this combination.  I am now going to add more twist with JH Jet Eye Knight. This will bring another shot of JP Rio Grande, VJ Tommie and Mazue To Bl. Cannot wait for the results of this planned mating. 


                                                                                                        Picture taken 07-05-13

DNA Foxy's Boogie 10-09-11 (DNA Temptations Boogie x DNA Working Foxy Lady) 52 1/2 TTT February 2014 $5000.00


DNA Temptations Boogie did it again. With more flash this time and the early hooks on the horns. Boogie's a fantastic heifer with the body, color and early hook backed horns I breed for. Her calf by JH Jet Eye Knight will be something to look for. Combining 2 x Lamb's Temptation, Working Man Chex, Working Woman (80"), JP Rio Grande (80"), 3 x Gunman, Coach, Monarch 103, 2 x Bet I Can and 2 x Phenomenon. Now is that a Star Studded pedigree or what?        


                                                                                                                  Picture 11-27-13


Robin Leigh 04-02-11(Feisty Lee Jr x Watson 644) 58 1/2" TTT February 2014