picture taken 11/27/13


DNA Gentle Deer 09-25-10 (Hubbell's Easy Rider x DH Oh Deer) 64" TTT September 2014 NFS

Exposed to our Senior Herd Sire DNA Quantum Slam for a Spring 2015 calf 

Deer is an amazing 'DNA' packed heifer. Combining the known horn production of an JP Rio Grande son (mother is Gunman's Lil Sis... full sister to Gunman) and the twist genetics of Dale Hunts DH Oh Deer. I look forward to watching this combination.  I am now going to add the known Horn Production of DNA Quantum Slam. This will bring 5 x Gunman, Kobra, Starlight, JR Grand Slam and JP Grand Susan 2.  I cannot wait for the results of this planned mating. 


                                                                                                                  Picture 01-05-15


Robin Leigh 04-02-11 (Feisty Lee Jr x Watson 644)  63" TTT January 2015

June 24, 2014 gave birth to a Bull Calf by Allen's Challenger (JR Grand Slam x SR Dixie Cherry)

Currently Exposed to our Partnership bull BRR Drag-n-Win for a Summer 2015 calf.

Rex Mosser allowed me to add this amazing genetic package to the DNA Arsenal. Combining the known Horn Production of Feisty Lee Junior (2 x Feisty Leigh) and the proven production of the Wes Watson program Watson 644.. She is currently bred for a Summer 2015 calf.

                                                                                                            Picture taken 02-05-15

DNA Amazon's Red Dawn 12-10-12 (WS Amazon x KT Red Dawn) 50" TTT December 2, 2014 NFS

Confirmed Bred with a Heifer calf to our Partnership bull BRR Drag-n-Win for a Summer 2015 calf.

When Tom Smith allowed me to utilize the Top Genetics of WS Amazon I knew I had a winner when KT Red Dawn birthed a Heifer. Combining the well known genetics of WS Amazon with a longhorn that boasts Working Man Chex, Working Woman, Stockanna definitely will work to create a DNA Loaded pedigree. I look forward to watching her grow.

                                                                                                         Picture taken 02-05-15

Super Commandment DOB 03-29-13 (Commandment x EOT Super Candice) 50 1/2" TTT December 2, 2014


Confirmed bred to our Partnership bull BRR Drag-n-Win for a Summer 2015 calf.

Straight from the heart of Glen Clinard's amazing Texas Longhorn Program I present Super Commandment. I saw her when she was just a 1 year old on Glen's Ranch during an educational gathering of Breeders. Sporting 3 x Hunts Commands Respect, Jamoca 49, Latte 34 and Phenomenon to mention only a few...