DNA Quantum Slam - Herd Sire Half interest available


Quantum Slam 5 Gen




DNA Grand Slammer x DNA Kobra's Country Jeans 11/21/10 69 3/8" TTT 11/21/13 


Here is the combination we all look for... 5 x Gunman on the top of his pedigree and Kobra, Delta Veronica, Starlight, Emperor on bottom. WOW !!! and with color and horn to match. We will be utilizing his powerful genetics here at DNA Longhorn Ranch for the 2013 breeding season on a select group of cows to maximize his Genetics. **Click on Picture for 5 Generation Pedigree**


















JH Jet Eye Knight 03-28-11 63" TTT 12-28-13 

 What a Genetic Package... Justin Hansen of Diamond Back Longhorn ranch of California really put it together with this bull. He combined the known Patriarch Horn Production of JH Jet Black Chex, JP Rio Grande, VJ Tommie, BL Night Chex and Dixie Creole with the Matriarch know Horn Production of Mazue To BL (over 5 x 75" TTT Daughters), TX Lucky Lady, Maressa and Archer 240 to create the perfect Longhorn Herd Sire. He is compact, correct, clean, Horns at a V going back 7" behind his head before he amazingly has them 'Roll' back. He stamps his offspring with his Grand-Matriarch Mazue To BL's mottled face. He has provided me with an amazing heifer by DNA Gentle Deer and will be calving another from DNA Foxy's Boogie for the upcoming Blue Mountain Inaugural Sale in March. Thank you Justin for this privilege.