For just $5.50 a pound you can provide your family with a 95% Lean Hamburger for their meals. You no longer have to worry about 'What went into this hamburger'. Our Longhorn Lean Beef is raised right here in Central Texas on serene pastures without any of the harmful anti-biotic or hormones.



For just $4.95 a package you can provide your school age children with a 'Healthy Snack' for lunch boxes or for an after school treat. You can also send you loved one to work with a 'Lean Healthy Snack' to help them when they crave a snack, instead of getting the donuts or candy bar.

For a Longhorn Grass Fed Filletwe charge only $24.95 a pound. Once you have tried this steak it will be hard to go back. Lean and Healthy is today's living longer motto.

Just remember this motto for cooking Lean Meat 'Low and Slow' and you will always have a juicy/tender taste of Grass Fed Lean Beef grown right here in Central Texas.