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Drag N Win 04-15-13


Drag Iron x Jubilee Win


 John Marshall and Bubba Bollier have graciously agreed to partner on this incredible young prospect. When you look for a Herd Sire today we all look for basically the same thing. Pedigree (Recognizable around the industry), Color (Hedges the bet of colorful calves), Horn Direction (Gives us hope for a longer tip-to-tip) and confirmation (to ensure we breed to improve the breed).

 Well here he is: Pedigree with Drag Iron (83" TTT), Jamakizm (81" TTT), Jubilee Win (80" TTT plus), Shadow Jubilee (90" TTT), Overlyn and Winchester. Tri Colored to ensure a colorful offspring. His horns angle back behind his head at least 4". They have just recently started turning white so the explosion we all are used to seeing is just around the corner.